Thanks to SiDLY Care you may care for your relatives anywhere and anytime.


SiDLY Care is a professional medical device with quality certificate

Our activities have been validated by, among others, obtaining the certification of the most respected entity on the certification and research services market in Europe - TÜV Rheinland.


Dedicated to individuals who would like to care for their family members despite the distance, SiDLY Care is the first device in telemedicine offering all advantages of eHealth and eCare combined.


SiDLY Care connects simplicity and convenience. Discreet and easy to use does not interfere with any daily activities. It makes you feel safer, allows for systematic measurements, performs on-going monitoring, ensures freedom and independence. The carer is able to perform daily duties while convinced that distance is not a hindrance when caring for loved ones.

Key features


Regular measurements of the heartbeat with the HeartSecure function

The HeartSecure function makes it possible to take regular heartbeat measurements, which facilitates prevention and early detection of most diseases of the heart. HeartSecure also enables you to set pulse tresholds and receive immidiate notifications when the norm of pulse is exceeded. Monitor the results via the app or the carer's platform 24h per day.

Skin temperature measurements with the SkinWatcher function

Remember that the temperature of the skin is always lower than the temperature of the body. If it decreases it may indicate that the patient is too cold or that other physical disorders may have occurred. Monitor the data and react when you notice significant deviations from the norm. Special sensors take regular measurements and record the results, which are accessible 24h a day via the mobile app and the carer's platform.

React if the patient falls over with the SmartDetector function

Thanks to the SmartDetector function, which sends alerts to the app or the carer's platform, you will know immediately if your loved one falls over or faints. Its fast response makes it possible to prevent the negative consequences of such incidents. Advanced MEMS technologies combined with smart algorithms adapt to the user and remember their actions to avoid misleading the carer.

Receive notifications if the patient feels unwell with the CareButton function

Rest assured that your loved one is safe thanks to the SOS button found on the device. It allows the user to inform the carer quickly if they are feeling unwell and to call for help, while sending automatic data on the patient's location. The function activates an alarm signal on the app or the carer's platform, and commences measurement of the vital signs.

Locate the patient with the LocationTracker function

Locate your loved one fast if their health is at risk with this automatically activated location function. The function is activated by pressing the CareButton button, giving the carer peace of mind in knowing that they will always be able to find the wristband's user, even if the user himself/herself is unable to specify where they are.

Check if the patient is wearing the wristband with the BandMode function

Find out if your loved one is wearing the wristband or if it is being charged. Detect unusual activity and prevent situations which pose a risk to the health and life or the patient. The first function of its type in telemedicine devices which increases the patient's safety even further.

Reminders to take medication with the PillManage function

Determine the times for taking a specific medication via the SiDLY Care mobile app, and be sure that the patient will remember to take them thanks to the reminder function with sound signals.

Analyse physical activity with the StepChecker function

Examine the reasons for the patient's malaise thanks to the AirMonitor function.* Collect data on your physical activity with the StepChecker function. Analyse the distance walked in a day or a month and the exercise intensity.

Discover what is causing your malaise

Take medical measurements and monitor environmental and atmospheric conditions. Thanks to the AirMonitor function, you will find out if your indisposition is being caused by the environment around you.

What are the benefits of wearing the wristband?

Benefits for the carer:

  • Know the health condition of your loved one with constant monitoring of vital signs
  • Check and take regular measurements in a discreet way, without interrupting the daily routine and without causing unnecessary stress to the patient
  • Use the measurements to aid a speedy recovery during the rehabilitation process
  • Make your loved one feel safe and secure with the ability to call for help and to notify you easily in case of falling over or feeling unwell
  • Avoid spending your time in queues and cut long waiting times before the right therapy is commenced
  • Help your loved one keep their independence despite an illness with the ability to monitor their health and send automatic reports to their carer or physician
  • Take care of your loved ones from any location without limiting their freedom with total mobility and discreet operation of the device

SiDLY Care use may be particularly advantageous for the following groups of patients:

  • with epilepsy 
  • with arrhythmia, suffering from losses of consciousness, blackouts
  • during infections therapy (antibiotics, anti-virus medicines)
  • with lower cognitive capabilities (e.g. dementia syndromes)
  • with motor disorders and high risk of falling (e.g. patients after a stroke), with Parkinson's disease, taking medicines disrupting motor coordination – hypnotic, anti-depression medication, anti-psychotics)
  • requiring regular use of many drugs (medication reminder, vital signs assessment after taking medication, e.g. in the case of drugs slowing down heart beat).


SiDLY Care is useful in the following situations:

  • For persons who wish to continuously monitor their vital functions
  • for pregnant women who are very active (heart beat monitoring, possibility to alert emergency help instantly)
  • as support of long term house rehabilitation, unassisted exercises, early reaction to irregularities (tele-rehabilitation, e.g. in persons after heart attack)
  • as permanent monitoring of chosen parameters in chronically ill patients in home care and hospital care (telemonitoring, enabling e.g. optimising working time and nurses ward round).

The measurement results are regularly sent on a specially created for this application on tablet and mobile phone and 24 hrs web platform , making guardian has permanent access to information on vital parameters of a loved one.



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